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About Us

Green Ooptions Nurs­eries began its activity since 29 years ago till now, and we became one of the leading establishment in the production of all types of outdoor trees and shrubs, Seeds , annual winter & summer plants, houseplants and flowering houseplants that suit all climatic conditions.

Our ob­ject­ive is to provide an ex­tremely broad se­lec­tion of qual­ity plants in read­ily avail­able num­bers and con­veni­ent sizes to our nurs­ery and land­scape cus­tom­ers. 

Our Services


Deliver your orders to home, office, or garden and our team will take care of your plants

Landscape Design

Convert your idea to reality with our professional team to make your garden and landscape looks great

Cleaning Gardens

We offer professional cleaning services for gardens; we take care of your garden from A to Z

Maint. and instal.  Irrigation Systems

Get rid of conventional way of watering plants and install efficient and water saving Irrigation System

Our Products



We offer wide variety of vegetables, fruits and flower seeds. Make sure to ask our team for planting instructions to increase the plant growing chances


Soil Conditioner 

Soil needs soil conditioner to improve its structure and decrease soil compaction. In addition, to improve and increase the necessary nutrients found in soil



Fertilizer is an essential part of the growing process. Fertilizers contain various nutrients for plants such as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus that help plants grow faster and healthily.



Sand is an important element found in any garden and it is sometimes added to soil, we offer different variety of sands specifically for your needs



So what is the best water for plants? Some kinds work to damage the stem, root or seed, while others provide important vitamins and nutrients that plant life needs to grow.


Nursery Pots

We offer different kinds of Nursery Pots for indoors and outdoors usage in different material, colors, sizes. Visit our store to check our collections


Irrigation Systems

Nowadays, Irrigation Systems are very important and more efficient than traditional ways of watering plants as it saves water and control the watering application.


Agriculture Equipment

Whether you have a small garden or a large one, you will need to have at least some basic agriculture equipment, visit our store to check our collections.



Pesticides sometimes are necessary for plants as it protect plants from harmful insects. Consult our professional team to decide whether you need to apply pesticides or not



Greenhouses can be beautiful and useful structures for a gardener. If you have ever wondered if it would be worth it to construct or buy one for your garden, we can help you with that.



Great variety of indoors and outdoors plants for your home, office, or garden. Visit our store to check our plants collections and select what you would like to have


Palm Trees  

Palm Trees are great way to make your garden looks great. We can provide you with Ornamental Palm Trees and Fruitful Palm Trees

Fantastic variety
of artificial grass

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